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Cooperativa Xyaat creates community tours that are culturally responsible and educational in Señor, a living Maya community, in Quintana Roo, México. Xyaat’s distance from major tourist attractions – 1.5 hours from Valladolid and Tulum, and 30 minutes from Carrillo Puerto – make it accessible for a day trip. Visiting Xyaat provides insight into daily life in rural Maya communities and interactions with practitioners of traditional handicrafts, natural medicine, and storytellers. In addition, to their community tourism efforts, Xyaat also provides education to local youth on environmental sustainability, fosters respect for Maya language and practices, promotes environmental projects, including organic farming, and mentors others in the community tourism and artisan industries.

Maria Rogal describes how we came to work with Xyaat
In March 2007, during University of Florida graphic design’s Mint in Mexico research trip, we visited Xyaat and met the cooperative leaders, Marcos and Santos. Alex Racelis worked with Xyaat and believed it to be an excellent compliment to the project work. The tour programmed by Xyaat would give students, first-time visitors to the region and to México, exposure both to Maya traditions and to everyday, unstaged life in rural communities outside of the tourist zone.

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