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We believe that design, in all of its many manifestations, plays an important role in fostering economic, cultural, and social development and change. To this end, we use design thinking, concepts, methods, processes, and products to engage its power and potential for the social good. In partnership with marginalized indigenous communities in Mexico, we focus on projects that have rich opportunities for innovation, development, empowerment and a positive community impact. Our projects are interdisciplinary collaborations and partnerships with communities and disciplinary experts. We’re working with honey producers to bring their products direct to market, an eco and community tourism cooperative to teach others about living Maya communities, organic farmers and artisans to foster sustainable practices in the communities and teach others.

This is a project started by Maria Rogal at the University of Florida and UF students and alums, including Doug Barrett (University of Alabama at Birmingham), Ligia Carvallo, Gabriela Hernandez, Laila Simonovsky, Ariella Mostkoff, Morgan Slavens, Mike McVicar, Greg Cole, Abby Chryst, Yesenia Rivero, Cassie McDaniel, and others. For more information about project locations and a list of partiticpants, click here.

The designShares/design4development site is a space to articulate the ideas we have and how we put these ideas into practice. It is our intention that successful projects be used, reproduced, and made better by anyone, anywhere.
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