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LOST VALUES explores the beauty and melancholy of craft to challenge the aesthetics and function of smart fabrics and this way emphasize the emotional value of keepsakes, garments and toys.
Vitamin D(esign) encourages the purchase and use of earth-friendly goods, so we have created a separate category of our eco-friendly products. We’ve searched for designers and manufacturers that create modern eco-friendly products using all-natural materials, water-based inks, and/or sustainable wood.

cork tiles  cork tiles  wallpaper
Vivavi  Modern Green Living, enables consumers to find newly built green residences and green home professionals throughout the United States and Canada.

Treehugger Great resources on green design. See their Design & Architecture Section, where this floating house picture was found.
Cardboard Design Unique projects with cardboard. Also look to Frank Gehry’s cardboard work in the 90s.
Cardboard Design’s Inspirational Links

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Ready Made Magazine
Craft Zine

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