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For so many reasons, this is the first time I am heading back to Yucatán since January of this year. I am going with Gaby. We’re flying JetBlue from Orlando direct to Cancun. The flight leaves at 1 so life becomes reasonable. That’s Gaby’s remark anyway – that this trip has all the signs of goodness. We’re meeting a good friend who’s helped with the design and community projects in the past — and speaks Maya. We’ll all head down south for about 5 days or so to work on the projects started in January. We hope to complete the website while there, with input from Marcos. This is the proof of concept as to how design can be done on site with the client. Or at least production. Who knows, if we have enough time and energy, maybe the honey site will be up as well. We’ll then swing northwest to Santa Elena (honey project) near Uxmal to Mérida for meetings and then back to Cancun and Florida and the fall semester It’s a short trip – both overdue and unexpected. Gaby’s been working on the projects so this will be a good trip all around and we’ll see where this goes. Hoping to talk about new projects with Gilmer but we need to feel these are in a good place as well – for everyone. Our intention is to blog everyday – as part of our design process and the field work trips. Maybe people will stop thinking of these trips as Maria’s vacation. If I plan right, next year we can all work on something good in the region. Right now still packing, writing, doing laundry, looking for my map of Yucatán but it’s a straight shot down the highway so maybe I’ll just get a new one.

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