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To develop an identity, business system, and packaging for “Hach Ki’i Ka’ab” orange juice, a product of Cooperativa Cuauhtémoc in Quintana Roo.

Rationale The profit margin for oranges is so low that farmers planned to cut down their orange groves to plant other crops that yield higher profits. However, selling fresh orange juice yields ten times more profit than whole oranges. This project focused on the development of a brand identity and product packaging with a newly formed cooperative “Hach Ki’i Ka’ab” 100% natural fresh squeezed orange juice.


  1. Design phase completed. However, orange groves and the local economy were virtually destroyed in Sept 2007 by a hurricane. Project is on hold.
  2. In Cuauhtémoc, clients explained how difficult the economy was and why they wanted to pursue this project. Many people migrate to the Costa Maya or Maya Riviera because there is no way to make a decent living in rural areas. This, they hoped, would bring work to the town as well. Several years ago our clients received government funding to plant oranges with the promise of later obtaining funds for a juice factory. This never materialized so here they were, with orange groves that yield almost no or negative profit when you consider the labor costs. This is a common story throughout the region.
  3. In terms of “commodifying” Maya culture – a standard strategy in the region, we discussed and mutually agreed that if anyone has the right to benefit from selling Maya culture, even responsibly, it is those who are Maya.
  4. Don Gualberto told us how the work (prototypes of five labels presented on bottles) inspired them to work hard. It was real instead of just another unrealized dream. Cooperative Cuauhtémoc is using the design brief in their proposal to secure funding for the construction of a juice factory.
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