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People often ask me what fieldwork is like. During this research trip we worked between 8 – 14 hours a day. Research site locations varied – some 1 to 2 hours from Carrillo. We drove 1211 kilometers or 752 miles – some of this on bumpy dirt roads. We had no major run-ins with topes (speedbumps), dogs or people on the road, and overall a very healthy, happy, and productive trip.

Here’s an overview of the schedule:

  1. friday Leave for Mexico; Arrive Cancún; Dinner in Playa del Carmen – introduction to the tourism context; Drive to Felipe Carrillo Puerto
  2. saturday Artisan Workshop with woodworkers from the Mendoza and Aguilar workshops part 1, Noh-Bec
  3. sunday Artisan Workshop part 2, Noh-Bec; visit Gualberto Casanova and organic farm project
  4. monday Overview of artisan projects with Elsa Torres and Basilio Velasquez, Offices of U´yo´olché
  5. tuesday Fieldwork in Buena Vista: artisan workshops of Celso and Audimaro
  6. wednesday Attend inauguration meeting of Kuxtal Sian Ka’an collective brand.
  7. thursday Tour of Caste War Museum in Tihosuco; Meeting with natural medicine producer Graciana Uicab Canul.
  8. friday Workday – proposal writing.
  9. saturday Tourism research: 1/2 group to Playa del Carmen and 1/2 group to Chichén Itzá, Visit to Hammock and wood workshops
  10. sunday Return to UF via Orlando and JetBlue.


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