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He is very enthusiastic and has great ambitions. At the beginning he was very shy, but today, the second day he was a lot more extroverted.  He shows a lot of interest in developing new projects, like opening a wood stand as part of a group project in Majahual. He was especially interested in the ‘resources’ section of the first day’s presentation. He already has a logo but was inspired by some of the images we showed, to create a stamping/signature system for all his products. We will bring him a tool from the US that serves as a stamp that is burnt into the wood; this is a sustainable tool that will make his products become a line that carry an identity, and somehow tell more of the artisan’s and the wood’s history.  This would also be developed by having a sign with the characteristics and history of the wood (sustainable/certified wood and where it comes from, maybe history of Noh Bec) that would be displayed next to the products in the stand.

Enrique and his family are extraordinary people and very smart and nice individuals.

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