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Gaby showing Marcos how Joomla! works with Herbé.

Gaby showing Marcos how Joomla! works as Herbé learns too.
Friday we continued working on the website for xyaat.com. In the afternoon Marcos Cante came into Carrillo and we worked with him for a while to show him how it would work for him. We’re using an open-source software (joomla!) so he can update the content and add photos when he needs to. This is our way of empowering our clients, so they don’t have to rely on designers or others to make changes that take even more time and money. I added the Spanish plug-in to his site interface so that his user profile loads in Spanish. The first concern he had was that he didn’t have this software. The nice think about joomla! and all of these systems is that you don’t need it – it’s all installed on the server side. This is one of our summer experiments. By all accounts it’s going to have an excellent outcome. Marcos’ excitement was visible and he began asking even more questions on what his options were. His observation that this was just like his email was true to what joomla claims – if you can send an email, you can add content to your site. The lights were going on and we were learning more of what his interests were for his website. A good thing all around. Still, I don’t understand why empowerment is not commonly used… so I throw out my spanglish and there we go. It’s the best word. And I know Marcos will empower others.

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