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We began to work with Cooperativa Lol-Balché, a 41-member cooperative in Santa Elena, Yucatán in late 2006. In addition to selling wholesale, some members wanted to bring a percentage of their honey direct to market. This decision came at a pivotal stage in their growth and development with the completion of their state of the art honey processing plant.
  • Manuel Magaña Ayil


Culturally sustainable
Unique in region

People leave community to work at the resorts
Lack of funding for generating new business
Unknown to tourists
Difficult to access
No tourist infrastructure


Our fieldwork included meeting with members of the cooperative, entering apiaries to observe the process of harvesting honey, meetings, and presenting design concepts for feedback. This project began in 2006/7 and the relationship has evolved over time. Fieldwork, co-design, and user/consumer feedback were important to this process.


DESIGNERS: Ciara Cordasco, Anais LaTortue, Jessica Vernick, Rachel Newell, Doug Barrett, Maria Rogal // Cooperativa Lol-Balché: Manuel Magaña Ayil, Concepción Tec May


Development of a new brand identity and collateral applications.

Deliverables included brand identity, label designs for various stores, stationery, building signage, website prototype, and promotional materials for distribution in the region.

Key concepts and activities: co-design, slow-design, semi-structured interviews, fieldwork observation

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